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About Us

Hunter Valley Company is a Cleveland, OH-based private equity investment group founded in 2012 to acquire and grow Midwest-based lower middle market companies for long term ownership. We operate as a diversified industrial holding company with decentralized management of our operating companies and longer investment horizons than traditional private equity buyers. Our approach is to partner with strong management teams and provide the necessary resources to build their businesses, while taking a patient, long-term view to value creation. We specifically target companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of engineered products with recurring revenue and diverse customers and/or end markets served.


Investment Criteria

Company Size

$1-$8 million of EBITDA (add-ons of any size)

Company Characteristics

Manufacturers and Value-Added Distributors

Company Location

US Midwest and Great Lakes (add-ons anywhere)

Company Profile

Family / founder-owned businesses, orphaned corporate divisions 


Example Sectors of Interest

  • Engineered Industrial Components

  • Electrical & Electronic Components

  • Packaging

  • Specialty Chemical/Rubber & Plastic Products

  • Energy Products

  • Medical Devices / Components

  • Military & Aerospace

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